Oesterreichische Nationalbank: Use of an idea platform as a bottom-up tool for the participatory and cooperative development and evaluation of innovative ideas

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Initial situation and objective

The established and anonymous company suggestion scheme was modernized with a web-based IT system for the digital, participative and cooperative development and evaluation of ideas. 

The new idea platform thus supports the development of ideas in accordance with the design thinking approach and optimally complements the existing "Innovation Lab". 

Shortly after the introduction of the Ideas Platform at the OeNB, the hoped-for increase in suggestions for improvement and new ideas was recorded.

The Ideas Platform at the Oesterreichische Nationalbank serves primarily as a web-based bottom-up tool for the participatory and cooperative development and evaluation of innovative ideas. 

Methodology and procedure

Since the existing company suggestion scheme had not been used for some time and the creative and innovative potential of the employees was to be integrated more intensively within the framework of continuous improvement processes (CIP), appropriate solutions were sought and compared with one another. Finally, the decision was made in favor of a joint project with isn - innovation service network.

In a first workshop, visions and goals were worked out together and initial ideas for possible competitions were developed.

After a successful six-month pilot phase, the idea platform has been used as a permanent collaboration platform since March 2022.

Particularly noteworthy is the dynamism of the employees, which was also positively influenced by the gamification approach. The first competitions were seen as a great communication success.


Success factors and result

  • A comprehensive action plan was created to "antease" the first competition & initiative - successfully engaging employees.
  • Lead User were invited and contributed ideas
  • This allowed to build a good base and know-how for the following competitions
  • The targets agreed by the project in advance for the measurability of the business management pilot phase were even exceeded in some cases.
  • The gamification approach positively influenced participation and motivation
  • The jury nominations were made according to the "juror principle" in order to ensure a fair selection of the winning ideas through high diversity.

Visions and goals

  • Modernize company suggestion scheme and create something new
  • Use the know-how and creativity of all
  • Shaping the future together
  • Strengthening community through inclusion
  • Supporting community, living change together

Facts & Figures

  • June 2021 - February 2022: Preparation and implementation of two pilot idea initiatives.
  • From March 2022: Successful transition to permanent platform operation
  • Several ideas already successfully implemented
Active users - from 1133 employees
0 +
Idea competitions
0 %
of all employees participate in evaluations

Customer feedback


Carmen Haberfellner

Press Office Officer, Digital Communication & Internal Communication, Oesterreichische Nationalbank
Our cooperation with innovation service network GmbH proved to be the right decision, as the modernization of the existing continuous improvement process at the OeNB met expectations shortly after the Ideas Platform went live. The goals agreed upon by the project in advance for the measurability of the business management pilot phase were even exceeded in part.
Peter Koerner

Peter Körner

Organizational Development, Oesterreichische Nationalbank
In the context of innovation, error culture and the design thinking approach to developing new ideas, everything has already been said or summarized for me personally (by Albert Einstein): "There is only one way to avoid mistakes. To have no more ideas."

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