Innovation software – simple and clear.

Are you an innovation manager interested in a digital innovation platform? With our customized idea management software "innovationplatformV3", you can easily and effortlessly collect, evaluate and send ideas to an implementation process, both internally and externally.

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The innovationplatformV3 is being further developed and tested in an application-oriented manner as part of the development partnership between isn - innovation service network and TÜV AUSTRIA HOLDING AG (Group Innovation Management).

Internal idea management with your employees or open innovation challenges with your customers / fans / citiziens

Developing valuable ideas together – regardless of time and place. With our evaluation modes (community voting, jury voting, expert voting), our idea management software supports you in the efficient selection process of the best ideas. The platform community is motivated with gamification to participate creatively, and particularly active users become more visible.
Our innovation tool provides further features - like pipeline (CIP) module.


The benefits of our
idea platform!

All can participate at any time

Your community can get involved regardless of time and place via different digital interfaces

No idea gets lost

All ideas of your users are stored and secured in one place

Networking across hierarchies

A dynamic knowledge network is created via digital connections, knowledge exchange is promoted

Early feedback on ideas

Transparency and rapid feedback from the community accelerate the path to idea implementation

Motivation through gamification

Through playful impulses and social media effects, the self-activity of your community increases

More resources for innovation

The whole community can work on the common future with small shares of time

Innovation becomes lived culture

Identifying trends together earlier and acting instead of reacting

Great features allow you to implement your innovations straightforward:


Based on idea challenges your community develops valuable ideas for new products and services. Different customizable evaluation modes (e.g. bottom-up community voting combined with top-down jury voting) support you in efficiently selecting the best ideas.

The Continual Improvement Process (CIP) module optimally supports the collaborative collection of daily improvement ideas (e.g. ongoing improvement of work processes, products, services, etc.). Tailor-made expert evaluation modes support the efficient selection of ideas for improvement that can be implemented.

Users can become friends and permanently connect with each other through the networking module. Networking is an essential motivation to promote activities on your platform and to support the knowledge transfer within your organization and establish new connections. For this purpose, an internal messenger module ("Whats-App") for all platform users is available. Whether moderator, idea generator or administrator, everyone can exchange information individually or in groups, even outside of competitions and pipelines.

For administrators and moderators: Blog, platform mails & system messages to activate your community

Based on a sophisticated gamification system, your platform community is intrinsically motivated and, in addition, particularly active and creative users become visible for your innovation management.
The innovation platform has a sophisticated role and visibility system for optimal control of your innovation and communication processes. The user dashboard provides all information in a nutshell.

German & English 

24/7 use on all devices. We also have solutions for special sites where no computer is available (e.g. in production, outdoor)

Statements from selected customers

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Hannes Voraberger

Dr. Hannes Voraberger

Director Research & Development
Innovation is the key to success in our industry. However, innovation is not just the responsibility of R&D, but of the entire company. InnoWorld by AT&S helps us to support the creativity of our employees and motivate them to contribute to the development of the company in a long term. A strong culture of innovation is the foundation for the successful implementation of our ambitious innovation strategy.
Robin Buerger

Dr. rer. pol. Robin Bürger

Leiter der Gruppe Innovationsfinanzierung des Fraunhofer IMW
The digital feedback tool connecting science and business is a modern transfer instrument turning research quickly into real innovations. We have measurably increased knowledge transfer activities of the participating research institutions and successfully placed innovation projects on the market. Based on the positive feedback from the users, we are convinced of the added value of this participatory approach.
christoph schwald

DI Christoph Schwald

Head of Corporate Innovation Management TÜV Austria Holding AG
With isn as a partner, we have implemented a holistic innovation platform that enables every employee to actively shape the future of the company with his/her ideas. More than 200 ideas are submitted to innovatüv® every year and 10% of them are successfully implemented as innovations in the same period.

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