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Hannes Voraberger

Dr. Hannes Voraberger

Director Research & Development
Innovation is the key to success in our industry. However, innovation is not just the responsibility of R&D, but of the entire company. InnoWorld by AT&S helps us to support the creativity of our employees and motivate them to contribute to the development of the company in a long term. A strong culture of innovation is the foundation for the successful implementation of our ambitious innovation strategy.
christoph schwald

DI Christoph Schwald

Head of Corporate Innovation Management TÜV Austria Holding AG
With isn as a partner, we have implemented a holistic innovation platform that enables every employee to actively shape the future of the company with his/her ideas. More than 200 ideas are submitted to innovatüv® every year and 10% of them are successfully implemented as innovations in the same period.

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