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Initial situation and objective

In the midst of the digital age and modernization, the Fonds Soziales Wien (FSW) was faced with the challenge of maintaining the relationships between Mitarbeiter:innen und Kund:innen zeitgemäß zu optimieren.

Methodology and procedure

An internal digital innovation platform, the "Ideengarten", has been launched where employees of the Fonds Soziales Wien can now actively contribute their ideas. The initiative was launched with the internally burning topic of "customer relations" by calling on all employees: "We are looking for your ideas for better customer relations". 

The coaching sessions and workshops took place every two weeks. Support was provided in small workloads in order to ensure continuity and offer customers space for regular input. 

Success factors and result

In kurzer Zeit konnten viele wertvolle Impulse gesammelt werden. Der Erfolg dieses Pilotprojekts kann auf die frühzeitige Einbindung der Teamleiter:innen und die Förderung einer Innovationskultur zurückgeführt werden. Zudem trug das ansprechende Branding des Ideengartens maßgeblich zur Aktivierung der Mitarbeiter:innen bei.

The effect was also visible in the impressively high level of employee participation on the innovation platform. The high level of participation can now be used to implement topic areas as continuous improvement processes. These so-called " Ideenbeete" are professionally moderated and represent the ongoing development of the company.

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