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SCALE - Neue Möglichkeiten für Smart Cities schaffen

The aim of SCALE project is to design, develop and validate a training program on Smart Cities related competences, common to all disciplines that this concept includes, including a mobility programme to support the acquisition of competences of interns in the area of Smart Cities as well as to promote the collaboration of the business world and the higher education and training.


The methodology to achieve this objective starts from a research on competences on Smart Cities, common to all disciplines and fields. A training program on these competences will be elaborated and will be open to students and staff in universities and companies, partners or not in the project, always they study or work in the Smart Cities field.


At the same time Smart Cities innovative projects will be identified in order to be transferred and put in practice in other context, in other cities and in other countries. These projects will be implemented by a student in the form of a collaborative internship in a partner country, in order they can put in practice the competences on Smart Cities acquired.


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