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Initial situation and objective

AT&S Austria's innovation and growth strategy requires the involvement of all top performers and sites. The annual AT&S Innovation Award is not sufficient for this purpose, and a permanent innovation platform has been introduced to network and involve all employees. This Group-wide innovation platform potentially reaches 12,000 employees. The increased interactivity and involvement of all areas of the company provides important impetus for the further development of the innovation culture. The new "innovationplatformV3" platform must be able to map company improvement and suggestion schemes (CIP) in addition to idea competitions. It will be launched via a pilot campaign with the aim of inviting people across all locations to develop ideas and network knowledge. All employees in the organization, at every location, should be able to participate. The composition of the community should be as diverse, self-motivating and accessible as possible.

Methodology and procedure

In close coordination with the responsible research and development (R&D) and strategy departments, the functional scope and rollout scenario for the 6-month pilot of the innovation platform were developed. The platform was launched under the brand "InnoWorld by AT&S". In addition to the achievement of the content-related goals, the strengthening of the innovation culture is of great importance. Until the end of the pilot phase, employees will be accompanied across sites and departments in order to sustainably establish the exchange of ideas and solutions via the platform. The first instrument is an "ideas competition". In this way, different professional groups, countries and cultures (such as India, Korea or China) are included in the innovation process and networked. Accompanying training measures on the topics of community management and communication consulting were carried out. After the pilot phase, the tool will be used permanently. The expansion of the "Continuous Improvement System" (CIP) functionality after the pilot phase opens up further possibilities. All CIP managers will be gradually brought in and trained across the sites.


Success factors and result

  • Shared knowledge base that is continuously improved and documented.

  • Uncomplicated 24/7 access to my innovation network - colleagues become visible and fast and location-based networking with them and the associated know-how is easily possible.

  • The platform covers both suggestions for improvement (CIP) and the development of ideas for the future.

  • Community and network management has become part of the company. The training and the accompanying communication measures were a key in the consulting to establish the innovation platform sustainably in the group.

Facts & Figures

  • Idea generation and continuous improvement process (CIP) via a dedicated platform instance (SaaS)

  • Since July 2021, respectively CIP since December 2021

  • 900 Mitarbeiter:innen im Unternehmen bereits nach der 1. Ideeninitiative

  • Mehr als 280 Ideen sind in der Pilotphase entstanden, mit 450 Kommentaren und 1.300 Likes

Employees inside on the platform (out of 12,000) in 6 months
Ideas & suggestions for improvement

Customer feedback

Hannes Voraberger

Dr. Hannes Voraberger

Director Research & Development of the AT&S Group
Innovation is the key to success in our industry. However, innovation is not just the responsibility of R&D, but of the entire company. InnoWorld by AT&S helps us to support the creativity of our employees and motivate them to contribute to the development of the company in a long term. A strong culture of innovation is the foundation for the successful implementation of our ambitious innovation strategy.

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