Alpine Camping Resort HOCHoben: Digitalization of the business model via crowdbusiness

Promoter: ACM GmbH

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Initial situation and objective

In addition to the services offered, a new tourism company needs paying customers. With the project „HOCHoben camp & explore“ the target group could be activated and involved via digital channels right from the start. Via the digital platform 1000×1000 and locally on site, customer information has already begun in parallel with the construction activity.

Methodology and procedure

The project went through the entire ISN Crowdbusiness project plan to make the organization digitally fit according to crowd (campaign) principles. The content and tools for digitally addressing target groups and publicizing the project were built up in the process. Both were started at an early stage with close implementation support. The crowdfunding campaign was then successfully implemented with an already activated community via the 1000×1000 .

Success factors and result

In addition to the expanded seed capital from the crowd, most of which came from the region, the successfully applied campaign knowledge was able to create a high occupancy rate of the campsite and the infrastructure already at the opening. In addition, the so important increase in awareness on a local but also on an international level was achieved.

Challenges in the project and currently from the customer's point of view

Technically, this project required an immense amount of earthmoving, and the regulatory burden was also very high. Above all, however, the Covid-19 crisis is probably the biggest challenge. Since opening, the facility has had to remain closed for more than 50% of its operating time. For a new tourism project, a tough time. The crowdfunding project itself required an intensive time commitment, the change between construction site, building up the company structure and crowdfunding was a permanent juggling act - but in the end it paid off completely.

Investment amount
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Customer feedback

christine glantschnigg

Christine Glantschnig

In addition to the lucre of further financial means, which were used for the expansion of the gastronomy, a special image building could also be achieved on an international level through the accompanying measures. With isn - innovation service network GmbH we have found a reliable partner and in case of questions we have always found an open ear.
Anton glantschnigg

Mag. Anton Glantschnig

Our crowdfunding project was a key driver in achieving acceptance at the local level. With isn - innovation service network GmbH, we have found a reliable partner and if we have any questions, we have always found an open ear. We can well imagine that there will be a repeat one day - and then again with 1000×1000!

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