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Initial situation and objective

As part of the establishment of a Group-wide innovation management system, a digital innovation platform was sought as a cross-site support tool. In the search for and evaluation of various solutions, our ideas platform emerged as the best tool. The company's innovation expertise since 2001 was also of great importance for the successful cooperation.

A growth path via the digitization of service innovations was defined as an important first strategic pillar. To this end, TÜV AUSTRIA has established an internal innovation management system. One of the core elements of innovation management is to be a company-wide innovation platform in which all employees can participate.

Collaborative work across locations, independent of time and place, networks the knowledge of employees and thus provides new ideas and impetus for innovation. The improvement and suggestion system (CIP) is also handled via the innovation platform. More than 150 decentrally managed innovation projects have emerged from internal challenges and CIPs. The results of the innovation projects have significantly supported the company's growth.

Methodology and procedure

The functional scope and rollout scenario for the innovation platform were developed in close coordination with the internal innovation manager. In addition to implementing the technical solution, particular emphasis was placed on internal project marketing. The platform was developed under the "innovatüv®" brand and an initial cross-site ideas initiative was launched. Top management was part of the initiative from the beginning and still stands behind innovation management as a promoter. isn has entered into a development partnership with TÜV AUSTRIA since 2016 to further develop the ideas platform in a customer-oriented manner. The annually planned and implemented functional enhancements also benefit other customers.

Success factors and result

  • Innovation is anchored in TÜV AUSTRIA's corporate strategy.
  • The CEO is fully behind the initiative, is himself an active part of the innovation community and provides resources.
  • The internal innovation manager is dedicated and a top expert in his field.
  • With the help of the innovation platform, more than 150 innovation projects have already been created from the ideas of employees.
  • As a result, the service portfolio, sales and the number of employees have been steadily increased and expanded. New sales from new products and services are an important key figure.
  • TÜV AUSTRIA's culture of innovation is an important basis for all future projects and for attracting new employees.
  • The innovation platform has intensified networking among employees from different locations and departments. This "collective brain" is able to react very quickly to changes and to act with foresight.
  • The platform covers both development of future ideas and suggestions for improvement (CIP).

Facts & Figures

  • Idea generation and continuous improvement process (CIP) via own "innovationplatformV3" platform instance (SaaS)

  • Since end of March 2015

  • 2,200 employees in the company, of which more than 1,600 are volunteers in the platform

  • More than 1,400 ideas and suggestions for improvement so far

  • Community rating with over 8,000 feedbacks

  • Also: about 3,900 comments, about 7,900 likes, and about 5,000 social network connections.

Employees voluntarily on the platform (out of 2000)
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Ideas & suggestions for improvement
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Customer feedback

christoph schwald

DI Christoph Schwald

Head of Corporate Innovation Management TÜV Austria Holding AG
With isn as a partner, we have implemented a holistic innovation platform that enables every employee to actively shape the future of the company with his/her ideas. More than 200 ideas are submitted to innovatüv® every year and 10% of them are successfully implemented as innovations in the same period.

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