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innovation talk 10: How to get 1,000 employees thinking in 1 month

innovation talk 10: How to get 1,000 employees thinking in 1 month


In our innovation talk, we are delighted to welcome Alexander Habesohn, Head of Organizational Development and Philipp Reiffenstein, Central Project Management from Fonds Soziales Wien (FSW). Together with Reinhard Willfort, mastermind of isn - innovation service network, they will provide exciting insights into their successful ideas initiative.

Fonds Soziales Wien (FSW) was faced with the challenge of optimizing the relationship between employees and customers in the midst of the digital age and modernization. To this end, an internal digital innovation platform "Ideengarten" (Garden of Ideas) was launched, where employees of Fonds Soziales Wien can now actively contribute.

The initiative was launched with the internally burning topic of "customer relations" by calling on all employees: "We are looking for your ideas for better customer relations".

Many valuable ideas were gathered in a short space of time. The success of this pilot project is also illustrated by the fact that the ideas contributed can be used effectively to optimize relationships with customers.

The effect was also visible in the impressively high level of employee participation on the innovation platform. The high level of participation can now be used to implement topic areas as continuous improvement processes. These so-called "idea beds" are professionally moderated and represent the ongoing development of the company.

In our innovation talk, we will take a closer look at this fascinating success story and discuss the importance of employee participation and idea development for corporate development.

innovation talk 10
How to get 1,000 employees thinking in 1 month
When: 21. November 2023, 1pm – 2pm
Where: Free online dialog via Zoom

Philipp Reiffenstein provides an exclusive introduction to the innovation talk:
What triggered the implementation of an innovation platform at FSW?
Click here for the Case Study FSW

innovation talks are a new format from the innovation service network team. With the innovation talks, we want to give you insights into exciting innovation projects and at the same time pass on our customers' first-hand experiences! 

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