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Publication: January 7, 2024
Author: Reinhard Willfort
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I wish you good health, creativity and serenity for the year 2024!

I'm looking forward to continuing the weekly exchange focusing on innovation in the new year and am kicking things off with the result of my small customer survey on the newsletter title: more than half voted for "Let's innovate togehter!". I'm quite happy with this and am using the 1st Newsletter 2024 as an opportunity to implement this "small innovation". Thank you for your support in choosing it!


After 12 years of writing for the expert forum in the business magazine of the Kronen Zeitung (Austrian daily newspaper with the largest reach of 1.7 million readers), I have not been completely idle in the meantime and am sending the current article from January 5 with this newsletter as a further impulse on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI):

Expert Forum of the Kronen Zeitung from 5.1.2024

How much human intelligence will we need to be able to work and live well with "artificial intelligence" (AI) in the future? This question will be particularly relevant this year in the super election year of 2024, as we will increasingly see AI-produced or AI-enhanced content that could influence our decisions at the ballot box. We will therefore have to learn to distinguish deepfakes (digital media that has been deliberately altered with the help of AI) from serious content.

The Austrian government (specifically the Federal Ministry of Finance) has set up an "AI Service Center" for companies, the media and citizens to promote legal certainty and application expertise. And we have also been given an "AI Advisory Board" made up of high-caliber AI experts. My first association with this was the "Robot Council" established in 2017, which was also presented in the context of AI. What this council has achieved since its launch would be an interesting benchmark for the AI Service Center. The 93 recommendations of the Climate Council, which will be convened in 2023, are definitely still waiting for some implementation energy.

In Austria, we are obviously inclined to "let ourselves be protected" instead of starting a critical and constructive examination of new tools and trends. It has already been shown in the area of digital social media that the learning process is highly complex and can only be deepened and understood through personal experience.

So it's similar to skiing: You can read books about it and also be told how to do it. The moment of truth and the deep learning experience is ultimately linked to getting on the slopes and daring to take a run. With AI, we will already need this experience in 2024 in order to optimally integrate AI into our working and information world.

I wish you a good start for January 8, 2024 in a (presumably) similarly intense working world as before Christmas. The last two weeks have been suspiciously quiet... It's up to us to use the work and knowledge productivity made possible by new (AI) tools for more personal freedom and not to fill it with new work. We could certainly do with a little more time in 2024 to realize good intentions, for our own development and for family and sport!

How do you feel about artificial intelligence? Which tools are already mature enough to be integrated into your personal working environment? How can you protect yourself from misuse and deepfakes?

As always, I look forward to feedback and wish you a relaxing and creative Sunday!

Reinhard Willfort, Innovation Doctor,

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