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Crowdinnovation Award 2023 - The award ceremony

Crowdinnovation Award 2023 - The award ceremony


The support of a networked crowd of people from different fields and with diverse expertise makes it possible to develop innovative solutions faster and with less risk. Crowdsourcing of ideas and their evaluation or crowdfunding of venture capital simultaneously provide resources and visibility at a very early stage of a development.

The Crowdinnovation Award has therefore set itself the goal of bringing these innovations in the D-A-CH region before the curtain. The prize was now awarded in 3 categories for the first time on 16.6.2023 in Graz.

A five-member international jury made a final evaluation of the projects based on several criteria:

What influence did the crowd have on the innovation project? How was the crowd able to get involved in the innovation project, to what extent was it possible to achieve an effect together?

Could an economic benefit be generated, for example through savings, efficiency gains or new business models?

Did the innovation project help meet social or cultural needs, advance community interests, or reduce social inequality?

Was the innovation project able to minimize resource use and environmental impact, or did it help protect natural systems or improve environmental quality in the long term?

In the jury were represented:

Carolin Bock, Professor of Entrepreneurship at the TU-Darmstadt;
Oliver Gajda, Executive Director of the European Crowdfunding Network;
Michael Gebert, Chairman of the European Blockchain Association;
Siegfried Reich, Director of Salzburg Research;
Joachim Schwerin, Digitization Expert at DG GROW, European Commission

"I was very impressed by the quality and diversity of the submissions", emphasized Joachim Schwerin from the European Commission (DG GROW) in his role as jury member.


The Crowd Innovation Award is an initiative of the European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) Crowd in Motion and the Fraunhofer-Zentrum für Internationales Management und Wissensökonomie (IMW) in Leipzig, Germany. In the "Crowd in Motion" innovation network, selected partners pool their expertise to drive Europe's digital and green transformation together with another 150 EDIHs.

The physical award figures were designed by Laurin Luis Kamm (skimont) and 3D printed by S3D REPRO GmbH. The award ceremony took place at the 20th anniversary celebration of EDIH co-founder isn - innovation service network GmbH in Graz.

20 + 2 years - innovation service network celebrates birthday

If you want to see the award ceremony for yourself, you can do so in our highlight video of the event or read the article about the birthday event.

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