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Interaction platform of the municipality Stattegg - We network

Interaction platform of the municipality Stattegg - We network

Interaktionsplattform der Gemeinde Stattegg
How can networking within the municipality of Stattegg be bundled and improved to make communication in the municipality more interactive, efficient and transparent for all stakeholders?

It is important to the municipality of Stattegg to raise communication with citizens to a new level in order to make solutions more visible. With the new innovative platform of the municipality, a place is to be created for Stattegger:innen to inform themselves, to exchange ideas and to live participation.

By means of the program "IÖB - Innovative Public Procurement" the online challenge "Interaction Platform for the Municipality of Stattegg - We network" is currently running for the municipality of Stattegg.

The following important functions are planned for the innovative platform:

Who can participate in the Challenge?

With the submission, the municipality of Stattegg wants to get to know interesting solutions that show where the potentials are to make the municipality more interactive and participatory.

Companies with innovative and holistic solutions are asked to submit their solution to the IPM Challenge and make it known.

Participation is possible until January 11, 2023!

Do you feel like sharing your ideas with the community of Stattegg? Then take part in the challenge and actively shape it!


More details: IÖB Toolbox

If interested please contact Hannes Kollross:
TEL: +43 699 / 15 02 93 77

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