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Flexible and intelligent charging for e-vehicles of the future

Flexible and intelligent charging for e-vehicles of the future

Ideenwettbewerb Salzburg Games
Smart and future-proof charging of e-vehicles - your ideas and solutions and the resulting business models are in demand.

The share of renewable energy is increasing and leads to fluctuations in power generation depending on sun and wind. The number of e-vehicles has also increased sharply worldwide in recent years, leading to rising energy demand. However, e-vehicles could also be part of the solution to bridge power grid fluctuations and energy shortages in the long term.

From 15.11.2022 to 15.01.2023, you can again actively participate and submit your creative ideas to the idea competition on the topic of smart and sustainable charging of e-vehicles, alone or in a group. The aim is to collect versatile and smart solutions for attractive and sustainable charging management in the e-mobility sector and to demonstrate possible business models to bridge future power grid fluctuations and energy bottlenecks in the long term and to counteract climate change.

Concrete ideas, solutions and examples on the subject of e-vehicles are in demand:

The best ideas will be presented at the final event in MOONCITY Salzburg on February 23, 2023 and the winners will be awarded with attractive prizes!

And there will also be special prizes for the most active among you.

This idea competition takes place within the framework of the research project "GAMES - Grid aware mobility and energy sharing".

Factsheet: GAMES

Your creativity is needed for the ideas competition!

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