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We are the Austrian European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) „Crowd in Motion“!

We are the Austrian European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) „Crowd in Motion“!

Crowd in Motion EDIH relies on a unique combination of Artificial Intelligence with human swarm intelligence to increase the innovation and change readiness of SMEs and public organizations.

Austria is a frontrunner in Europe in terms of innovative and sustainable tourism, as well as corresponding leisure and sports concepts. And to ensure that this remains the case and that great concepts are also implemented in other European countries, we have set a focus on the Austrian tourism and sports industry with Crowd in Motion EDIH.

Mit Beginn 1. Jänner 2023 arbeiten wir (vernetzt mit 151 anderen EDIHs in allen EU-Nationen) für zunächst 3 Jahre mit über 100 kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen (KMU) sowie öffentlichen Organisationen an deren digitalen Transformation. In diesem Rahmen werden wir viele spannende Innovationsprojekte abwickeln, die von der Europäischen Kommission gefördert werden.

Our consortium consists of 7 partners:

The expanded network of the Crowd in Motion EDIH consists of another 32 national and international cooperation partners and covers with the 7 core partners the main focus areas MotionDataAnalytics, AI, Digitalization, Financing, Education, Innovation Services, Crowdsourcing, Open Innovation, Digitalassets, Communication and many more.

The entire service portfolio comprises 68 concrete innovation services for SMEs and public institutions.

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