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innovation talk 4: Innovation Management as a profession

innovation talk 4: Innovation Management as a profession

We are very much looking forward to Florian Halm, Course Director of the University of Continuing Education Krems, who together with Reinhard Willfort, our CEO, will give an overview of this exciting profession and insights into training and career opportunities for those interested.

Innovation management is THE key for the survivability of companies. The University of Continuing Education Krems and innovation service network provide with the university course Innovation Management a well-founded entry opportunity into a challenging job profile:


The factors for successful innovation management are manifold: Not only the amount of the budget for research and development is important, but also how well innovations are managed. This includes the competent use of methods for generating ideas, comprehensive market and technology monitoring, attention to legal aspects (intellectual property rights management, patent protection, etc.), and professional project implementation.

You will acquire the competence to manage innovation processes or to develop innovative technologies, products and services on the basis of scientific principles. You will gain in-depth knowledge of the dimensions that need to be taken into account in the context of comprehensive innovation management: Strategic innovation management as well as operational innovation management (idea generation, idea evaluation, idea realization, idea utilization). New international developments in innovation management such as "open innovation" and "service design" are also taken into account.

Target Group:

Executives of the middle or higher management level such as Innovation Managers or those responsible for innovation management as well as Product Managers, Consultants

Topic: Innovation Management as a profession

When: December 21, 2022, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Where: Free online webinar in Zoom*

*The number of participants of the webinar is limited.

innovation talks are a new format of the innovation service network team. With the innovation talks we want to give you insights into exciting innovation projects and at the same time share first-hand experiences of our customers! 

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